William Holland – The Homegrown Bath Company leading the way in Interior Trends

William Holland – The Homegrown Bath Company leading the way in Interior Trends

William Holland, established in 2002 and based in Dorset, produce a luxury range of bathroom products. Their baths in particular are showcased in some of the most exclusive hotels, resorts and homes across the world. We caught up with Marc Howlett, Sales Manager, to find out more about the brand loved by interior designers for both its’ beauty and function.

Each William Holland copper bath is handcrafted, taking over 120 hours to create and using a combination of traditional artisan techniques and modern innovation. In the early days, we specialised in the manufacture of the traditional bateau bath which was available in pure copper or with an artisan tin interior. However, due to demand and ever increasing popularity, the range has now increased to be able to cater for almost any design vision, including bespoke items.

And it’s the brands array of metallic finishes that we feel put them at the forefront of bathroom finishes for today’s market. Marc advises that at the moment, the most popular bath is the Bateau in a nickel finish, but standard finishes include copper, patina, verdigris and gold leaf. Current trends for metallic hues and combining metal finishes are naturally catered for within the range and allow for the creation of some of the most up to date bathrooms, with a lovely traditional twist.

We asked Marc for his personal favourite; “I would have to stay true to the original heritage and say the classic, copper bateau bath with tin interior. The traditional design, influenced by the 19th Century French originals, was the inspiration for founding the company and so will always have a special place in our hearts. It has a wonderful, romantic, rustic charm, combined with just the right amount of glamour to create a space that is both luxurious and homely.

And where is he yet to see a William Holland bath but would love to? “We are always thrilled to see the imaginative interiors in which our baths find their home. However, considering the heritage of copper baths, it would be wonderful to see them in a space that reflects their iconic design status, such as the French Palace of Versailles or the Royal Palace in Dubai.”

The Practicalities

Something that we, as interior designers love, is that the average William Holland bath is surprisingly light at 45kg; alleviating the need to strengthen floor joists which is often required with heavy, cast iron baths. Marc adds that they are “also amazingly conductive and produced from 78% recycled sources. William Holland’s pure copper and brass baths are non-corrosive, so will last a lifetime, and can be re-finished as many times as your creative inspirations demand. They are also extremely comfortable!” The durability also makes them ideal for outdoor use.

William Holland tips for a perfect bathroom

“Naturally we would say a fabulous bath! But seriously…anything that helps in the creation of a private sanctuary. In todays’ busy world it is fundamental to have a personal retreat where you can truly relax and unwind.

– Storage is of utmost importance. Hiding away all that clutter that can distract from the feeling of a serene oasis.

– Add an overhead shower to make the most of a bathroom with limited space.

– And some deliciously snug bath towels and sumptuous soft furnishings to create a warm, soft interior.”

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