Back to School! : Our top 5 tips for Stylish Kids Bedrooms and Playrooms

Back to School! : Our top 5 tips for Stylish Kids Bedrooms and Playrooms

With the school holidays coming to a close, our client’s are back to thinking about their home renovations and moving full steam ahead for an end of year finish date! As a homage to the holidays, we are sharing our top 5 tips for the ultimate kids rooms at home.

1. Make It Personal

When designing a room for the kids, really think about what your child’s current passions are. We recently worked on a project where the family had been on safari and the little girl was besotted with elephants as a result. We sourced a beautiful fabric from Andrew Martin Parade Cloud in a soft girly hue and covered in elephants! Personalising with kids names or cool words and phrases helps make the room their own too.

2. Create Zones

We appreciate that kids rooms can be small but you don’t need a huge space to create different areas that will encourage children to use their bedroom for more than just sleeping. Age is key, for a teenager, try to sneak in a small desk area were they can do homework or use a laptop or tablet. For younger children and toddlers, use soft textures such as rugs and sheepskin beanbags to create a soft, floor play area. We particularly love a window seat with a wall mounted reading light for the bookworms!

We love Rowen and Wren for cute beanbags, tents and soft furnishings for kids.

3. Keep the Furniture Transitional

We have all looked at the Princess Carriage or Racing car bed and thought how adorable they are. However, what’s super cute for a 5 year old is far from cute for a 10 year old! Most parents that we work with do not want to be replacing furniture after a couple of years, particularly where the items are relatively expensive. We always try to suggest furniture in neutral colours that can be made age appropriate with cushions and accessories.

Nubie Bahia bed

4. Storage, Storage and more Storage!

This seems like an obvious one, but the more storage that you can get into children’s rooms, the less it creeps into the rest of your home. Hidden storage such as the faux panelling used in one of our recent playroom designs, provides tonnes of closed storage. Open shelves can also work really well in bedrooms where you can use baskets to hide non decorative pieces next to books and other display items.

Try at Rockett St George for a selection of wire and fun storage solutions.

5. Have Fun With It

We have some seriously stylish parents here at CLI but, whilst they don’t want their living rooms looking like a children’s play area, they do want to give their children a fun space to play and express themselves. We encourage parents to be bold with kids rooms, fully embrace a theme, use colours that you might shy away from for other rooms in the house and as the subtitle suggests, keep it fun!

For great kids wallpapers try Peony and Sage.

6. Consider the friends!

We had to sneak this last tip in… when children love their bedrooms, they will want to have their friends to stay in it! We always try to factor into children’s bedrooms an extra bed for sleepovers. We love this Bed in a Box solution from;. We have used this previously and it acts as a perfect piece of seating or side table during the day, but turns into a clever camp bed at night. Other great options are mid sleeper beds with a trundle bed underneath.