Autumn Winter Fabric Trends: Q&A with Tricia Guild

Autumn Winter Fabric Trends: Q&A with Tricia Guild

We were lucky enough to have a sit down with Tricia Guild this month to discuss the fantastic Autumn Winter Collection at Designers Guild and her new Paint Box book.

1. The Designers Guild Autumn Winter Collection 2017 celebrates the beauty of the Tulip. What does the Tulip represent to you and why do you feel it reflects so well the mood of the new collection?

“I became completely fascinated by the story of Tulipmania. The idea that something as humble as the tulip bulb could go on to inspire a generation of people and create this national frenzy, I think is truly astonishing. For me, Tulipmania was an accelerated celebration of nature, a truly extraordinary moment in time. The natural world always infuses my collections on some level, so it made sense to reference one of the most adored flowers in human history. The tulip represents an air of the exotic, of mystery, of something new and exciting, so it was the perfect inspirational focus point.”

2. We love the Dutch inspiration running through the new collection. What country or city in the world are you most inspired by and why?

“Thank you! As I reference in my new book Paint Box, the various countries and cities of our world evoke very different colour palettes and moods for me. Each country’s colour combinations are utterly distinct and unique and I find a plethora of emotion and inspiration in each. If I had to choose today, I might offer the brilliant pattern book of India: its daring colour palette, intricate surface patterns, hand painted decorations on rickshaws, the crumpled silk of saris, rose and marigold petals – for me, India represents a splendid fusion of femininity, daring, strength and dynamism.”

3. The interior trend for bringing the outside in is huge at the moment and often something that appears on our client’s wish lists. With florals being at the core of the Designers Guild brand, what would be your top tips for creating the perfect, outdoors inspired living space?

“I would suggest to start by deciding what kind of floral you wish to use; do you favour expressive, painterly blooms or do you prefer something more tailored? This decision will inform the direction of the room. Florals need not be overtly feminine or romantic; I like to combine floral prints with smart stripes, checks and plain textures as I find that these lend a graphic edge to a space.”

4. Monochrome has been a long standing favourite in the interiors world and the new collection has an array of gorgeous monochrome geometrics. However, Designers Guild has always been a brand associated with vibrancy and colour. What is your colour palette of the moment?

“Many people associate Designers Guild with a vivid, painterly colour palette and of course, many of our most notable designs celebrate the vibrancy of colour. I have always been fascinated by the impact of colour and the way it can radically change the feel of a design, it is one of my greatest passions. However, we also offer masses of neutrals, naturals and plains across fabric, wallpaper and paint. White and neutrals are always an integral part of any collection for us; they maintain balance and a sense of harmony.

For the Autumn season, I am drawn to an evocative palette of rich, dramatic tones. In our latest collection ‘Tulipa Stellata’, large-scale florals on noir shadedgrounds are complemented by subtle ombre striped velvets and pops of plain jewel hued colour.”

5. Tell us about your new book, Paint Box?

“With Paint Box, I hope to demystify the process of creating a colour palette and decorating with the colours that you love. I have met many people, over the years, who are more than a little nervous of embracing colour in their own homes – it has always been my passionate goal to give these people the confidence to live with the colours and textures that will simply enrich their lives. I hope with Paint Box, that people will be inspired to ignite their own colour sense and I hope that it enables them to discover just how enjoyable the practice can be.”

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