All White Everything – Decorating with Classic White and Getting it Right

All White Everything – Decorating with Classic White and Getting it Right

The use of this simple and classic shade can produce some of the most stunning interior results. It works well in a range of settings, from the ultra modern to grand, period homes. Here we are sharing our favourite uses, inspiration and tips for decorating with shades of white at home and avoiding the cold or clinical pitfalls.

1 Mouldings

Create the optimum in chic living with plaster or pine mouldings on white walls. Even the simplest of moulding layouts will add depth and interest to white walls without over complicating the simplicity. To add further to the geometry of this scheme, add a chevron parquet floor in white washed or Nordic hues. Perfectly calm and tranquil but far from dull.
For plaster wall mouldings we recommend Stevensons of Norwich. The Reclaimed Flooring Company’s Grey European Oak of Ecora’s Oak Lyndhurst will achieve this look.

2 Texture

If you want to pull off an all white scheme, texture can be the key. Exposed brick and stone look great when painted white, or white washed for a less uniform look. It will add a slightly industrial element to take away some of the sterile feel from bright white. Other options are concrete effect cladding or tiles or a polished plaster. Don’t despair if you don’t have gorgeous, exposed brick or stone walls at home. We recommend using reclaimed brick slips from the Reclaimed Brick Tile Company. These can be applied to your walls in a similar way to standard tiles.

3 A Gallery Space

White walls create a perfect backdrop for displaying art work. Whether your collection is strictly monochrome or an array of bright and bold colours, white walls will compliment each and every piece. We like using white frames to really make the art the main attraction.

4 50 Shades of White

When using white we often worry about displaying too many variations of the colour together. However, a variety of white and contrasting materials in one space, from brilliant to vintage to the palest of greys, can produce fantastic results. We would suggest laying out a selection of the whites that you are looking to incorporate in a makeshift mood board so you can assess which shades work together before committing. Remember that lighting will play a big part so try and view the shades in the room that you want to use them.

5 Pair it with Glass

White walls and large areas of glass scream luxury, contemporary living. To avoid the space feeling cold or unwelcoming, introduce a rustic wood into the scheme. This can be a large area such as flooring or be more subtle with chopped logs by a fire or rustic, wooden stools. Whichever you choose, a little rough wood will add warmth and a comforting element.

6 Go Ethereal

Think like the Morgan’s Hotel Group and use flowing, white chiffon in floor to ceiling lengths to create an ethereal vibe. The swathes of material can be used to hide open cupboards instead of doors, or as clever partitions between rooms. The great thing about using white fabric in this way is that it won’t close the space in like solid doors. As a partition the fabric can be pulled back for complete open plan living. We would suggest using a wave, ceiling track to achieve perfectly, self-pleating runs.

7 Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise

With an all white scheme you can afford to go bold with your accessories. Oversized mirrors work fantastically in white schemes. It also lends itself to dramatic pendant lighting, furs and wools. Layer floors, sofas and chairs with chunky throws and Berber style rugs. The warm and cozy textures in neutral hues create warmth and invite you in without having to add a colour.

8 Add metallics

For ultimate glamour, pair metallic accents with white. You can use any metallic but polished nickel will create a more classic, Hollywood glamour look; whereas a brass or copper is likely to feel slightly more modern and can be made quite eclectic. We like the Eichholtz range at Sweetpea and Willow for polished nickel furniture and accessories. If you are going brass, these framed chairs from Westelm would be at the top of our list.

9 A pop of colour

We adore the monochrome look and black and white is a sure winner when creating an effortlessly stylish home. However, a carefully chosen colour to use with white can be equally as chic. Our favourite colours to compliment white are turquoise, yellow or navy blue.

10 Marble

This luxurious material often springs to mind when creating white decor schemes. The veining can be subtle or dramatic to suit your requirements but will always feel opulent. Marble no longer has to break the bank either with high street brands offering fantastic faux, tile options and in a range of layouts. If you are looking to splurge try Lapacida parquet marble tiles on walls or floors. For a more cost effective option, Mandarin Stone offer a great variety of faux marbles.